“No story lives unless someone wants to listen. We are obsessed with giving the audience something they don't see coming...
One story can make a whole difference

In fact, it is your story that will make that difference to someone that could be in a situation that you once was, once upon a time.

My name is Wayne Clark and I want to tell you why I started this whole idea with my partner Nicole Glozier.

When I first started as an entrepreneur, I wanted to make an impact in peoples lives, and I couldn't do that with just writing fiction books, I needed to pull some cards because I saw so many people that were in need of inspiration.


I decided that because I am a writer I should consider creating my own quotes.

That one quote made a BIG difference. I woke up one morning and I had this most beautiful message in my inbox.


I was told how my quote changed their life and saved her and her family.

Yes... I brought them back together. This created a BIG journey for me and Nicole. I wanted to tell my story and I did that

through the power of Facebook.


I am a big believer in storytelling because I have witnessed the positive effects.






Are you ready to make an impact? Are you ready to get noticed by telling your story?
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